Glitter and Doom: Second Year Student Screening

Simon Fraser University’s second year film students are hosting a screening on Tuesday May 1st to premiere seven ambitious new short films to the public. These seven films, shot on analogue 16mm in the recent spring and fall, are collaborative projects made by a group of twenty students. This student work promises to reflect not only the intensive labour that goes into these productions, but also the diversity and deeply passionate character of the second year class of 2012. Please invite your family and friends to share this special, once-a-year experience with the filmmakers.

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The lineup is as follows (in this order):

  • Session 112 – by Vincent Kuan Lin, Christian Lai, and Robyn Weasel Bear
  • Nice to Meet You, Leo - by Dasha Boichenko and Munira Mohamud
  • Heartburn – by Victor Heeckt, Joel Salaysay, and Rheanna Toy
  • Brednecks – by Monica Cheema
  • Water Main – by Laurel Brown, George Reagh, and Allan Leveque
  • A Night Turns to Day – by Jeremy Cox, Arie Luyendijk, Brendan Nagel, and Will Romines
  • Grey – by Sepehr Samimi

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

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