SFU First Year Screening 2.0

The beginning of SFU student screening season is upon us! And first out the gate are our first year students who will be screening their term’s work this upcoming Tuesday (April 16th).  The screening will take place at 7pm in the Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema on the Third Floor of the SFU Woodward’s Campus (149 West Hastings).

All of their projects are shot on 16mm film on the Bolex camera (as pictured in the poster).

Darsey Meredith “Seann Triubhas”
Jessica Johnson “Make sure to turn the HD on”
Daniel Dornbierer “Libertine”
Emily Parker “Fear”
Devin Ariyaratne “Falling”
Aaron Chelsky TBD
Jae Woo Kang “Rosa Rugosa”
Mark Sun “Spring”
Brandon Hillier “Goats”
Katrina Tadros “Paper Whale”
Bogdan Kondriuk “Media Manipulation”
Alysha Seriani “I hope this helps.”
Andy Wong “Hitchcock’s Gun”
Aileen Poli “The Swing: Chocolate and Smoke”
Carly Southern “Do I Have a Say?”
Gloria Mercer “Roughcut”
Steven Silvers “The Reflection”
Aidan West “The One Where Ross Moves In”
Nicholas Balaz TBD
Zoe Wong “Untitled”
Dylan Maranda “2071″

Come check out the grainy madness!

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