SFU 2013 Grad Screenings – May 2nd and 4th

It’s finally here! The event you’ve all been waiting for, and that we’ve all spent four years working towards! Two nights of short film craziness from the graduating class of the SFU film program on Thursday, May 2nd and Saturday, May 4th from 6:30-10:30pm.

TICKETS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! They can be bought here:

Be sure to pick them up your ticket while they’re available, as supplies (and seats) are limited! Admission is $10, or $8 if you’re a student.

And afterwards on the 2nd, come down to The Pint for a drink and some free food with the filmmakers!

For more details and and images from our films, click here!


“Love TM.” – Becca Johanson
“Mr:Video” – Daniel Jeffery
“The Origin of Afterwards” – Natasha Wehn
“Sleep” – James Penco
“Adrift” – Emma Peterson
“Back Up” – Vladimir Fedulov
“HCOC” – Cedric Yu
“The Golden Key” – David Kelso


“A Hot Mess” – Hayley Gauvin
“Farewell Hotel” – Mackenzie Warner
“Home” – Athena Han
“I Did It For Love” – Quinn Spicker
“O Angel of God” – David Manuel
“Paradiso” – Devan Scott
“My Mother Will Say” – Andrew Gillingham

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