1. To represent the academic interests and welfare of its members to the Area of Film, and to the University.
  2. To stimulate and promote interest in the study of Film and the facilities and affairs of the film area

The FSU meets every month in the SFU Woodwards Building in Room 520 (or in reality, 3750). All film students are welcome to attend!

Website: http://www.sfufilm.ca
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/SFUFilm
Contact Email: film-pres@sfu.ca

2010 – 2011 Council

  • President: Perry Miotto
  • Co-Vice Presidents: Ryder White & Chris Lennox-Aasen
  • Treasurer: Holly Fung
  • Secretary: Evelyn Chan
  • 4th Year Rep: Dan O’Shea
  • 3rd Year Rep: Aaron May
  • 2nd Year Rep: Hayley Gauvin
  • 1st Year Rep: Monica Cheema
  • Webmaster: Michelle Kee

The Incoming 2011-2012 Council

  • Co-Presidents: Ryder White & Chris Lennox-Aasen
  • Vice President: Michelle Kee
  • Treasurer: Nathan Douglas
  • Secretary: Sophie Jarvis
  • 4th Year Rep: Aaron May
  • 3rd Year Rep: David Manuel
  • 2nd Year Rep: Monica Cheema
  • 1st Year Rep: TBA in September
  • Webmaster: Marc-Olivier Harvey