Grad Films

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Paradiso – Devan Scott

After being sent to heaven as a result of the Biblical Armageddon, Cain Tibbons must confront the meaning of his relationship to his brother in this very serious drama about very, very real issues. Also there’s a car chase.

My Mother Will Say – Andrew Gillingham

A homophobic young man struggles to tell his mother he is gay.

HCOC – Cedric Yu

Zoey Williams discovers the unexpected at the Harsh Conditions Orientation Camp.

I Did It For Love – Quinn Spicker

Andy has finally decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend, but he has no money for a ring. Naturally, he decides to rob a bank. But things quickly spiral out of control when happenstance finds Andy’s girlfriend at the bank he is robbing.

Hot Mess – Hayley Gauvin

Your hostess tonight would rather be a hot mess than a stick in the mud.

Sleep – James Penco

At a nighttime art auction house so boring that it puts insomniacs to sleep, everyone is drowsy, and Horace Withers is waiting patiently to propose to the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, when a dead body turns up in the audience, Horace might not exactly get the night that he was expecting…

Love TM – Becca Johanson

An old-fashioned romantic searches for love in a world where Love comes in boxes, and True Love is a discontinued product.

Origin of Afterwards – Natasha Wehn

A woman is lost in a wilderness. Everything is in ruins. She searches for love and rescue amongst the wreckage of a cataclysmic disaster. Fragmented memories plague her dreams nightly. Will she adapt to the changing world around her, or will she fold under the weight of her past?

O Angel of God – David Manuel

A young man must make a choice to please either his father or his lover, while standing on the line between two lives and struggling to step off it.

Home – Athena Han

Two Taiwanese girls fly back to their hometown Taipei for an annual family visit. The trip starts out joyful with the embrace of family love; however it becomes unbearable when a truth is discovered.

Adrift – Emma Peterson

A science fiction drama following Milo, trapped on Galaxis Station 313A, drifting farther and farther into deep space. Far from help, Donna, the station’s holographic Artificial Intelligence, assists Milo as they attempt to keep the station running while waiting for rescue. As the pair drift further from civilization, Milo gradually understands that no help is coming. However, not long after he has given up hope of ever being found, a starship finally shows up – but it’s not the rescue he was waiting for, and they have problems of their own.

The Golden Key

A poor young boy discovers a mysterious golden key in the forest.

Mr. Video – Daniel Jeffery

A man who is taken care of by his mother, tries to recreate one of her favorite television shows.

Backup – Vladimir Fedulov

Two men cross paths for a brief moment that changes the way they view themselves.

Farewell Hotel – Mackenzie Warner

An impression of love, abandoned: Farewell Hotel is a short narrative framed around the crux of one couple’s divorce. Avery (Pam Palsat) and Theo (Robert David Duncan) exact their plans to fake a tropical weekend getaway with the hopes of finalizing their separation in a quiet hotel on the city’s edge. What begins as a weekend masked in civility quickly deteriorates into brooding rivalry, and only to leave the couple with less than when they arrived.

Welcome to Farewell Hotel…
Where contention thrives, and love comes to die.